The Playing Fields

Reporting anti-social behaviour:

We have a flowchart from Blaxton and Finningley Parish Councils and Joint Playing Fields Association to help you decide any appropriate action needed, if you discover anti-social behaviour.

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Tennis Courts 2021 season

Tennis Courts 2021 Pricing and Access Information


The playing fields are jointly owned by Blaxton & Finningley Parish Councils.  The area was gifted to the Councils circa 1972 for recreational use.

The playing fields are managed by Blaxton & Finningley Playing Fields Association (The PFA).  The PFA is governed by a Constitution and operates according to the conditions set out therein.  The facility is funded by annual grants from Blaxton & Finningley Parish Councils and fees paid by Users.

Membership of the PFA comprises:

  • 2 representatives from Blaxton Parish Council.
  • 2 representatives from Finningley Parish Council.
  • User representatives’ from Finningley Athletic FC (Adult team), Finningley Harriers FC (Junior teams), Doncaster Town Cricket Club and Tennis (no club yet).
  • Resident representatives’ whose main role is to raise concerns on behalf of residents.

The PFA meets every 4 to 8 weeks based on field use and any other issues that need to be addressed.  Anyone wishing to use the field for other than personal recreation needs to seek permission from the PFA for their proposed event.

Enquiries can be made via the Parish Council website by email to the Chairman or by calling either of the current Finningley Parish Council representatives on the PFA (see list of Councillors and listed duties for contact details).