Doncaster Sheffield Airport

Doncaster Sheffield Airport Consultation

Doncaster Sheffield Airport (DSA) are consulting on the introduction of a ReaNAVigation (RNAV) Standard Instrument Departure (SID) procedures and RNAV Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs). The adoption of the departure procedures (SIDs) requires an additional portion of controlled airspace for procedure containment to the east of DSA.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) requires a formal process to any airspace change, including the introduction of, or changes to, Instrument Flight Procedures (IFPs), including SIDs and IAPs. The formal change process is captured in the UK Civil Aviation Publication (CAP725).

In order to equip you with information on the adoption of RNAV they have produced a consultation document, associated annexes and FAQ’s that can be accessed on their website

You are invited to respond to the consultation via their dedicated email address: or follow the links on the DSA website to:

Please indicate clearly that this is your RESPONSE to the consultation.


To report an airport noise complaint please call 01302 623499

To report the use of laser pens or drones near the airport please call 01302 625642

Training Flights:

We sometimes get asked about training flights at the airport, so here is some information. Training circuits are a very important part of a new pilots training, it is a CAA requirement for them to do a minimum of 4 – 6 take offs and landings, there can be up to 20 trainees on each aircraft completing their training at any one time. Where possible, we will put the times of training flights here when they are available.

There may be other ad-hoc training flights in addition to those below. It is also possible that the training may not occur due to availability of aircraft or adverse weather conditions. The training times are only as a guide and it may extend beyond this time.